Dell’s Premium New Ubuntu Laptops

If there is a Linux machine worthy of recommendation, it has to be either a Dell or a System76 laptop. While System76 has some kickass products, most of it are just re-branded Clevo laptops. And they aren’t very cheap either. Dell on the other hand is an OEM manufacturer, and one of the largest of its kind in the world. So whenever Dell announces a Ubuntu pre-installed laptop or PC, it generates a lot of excitement in the Linux community.

dell ubuntu laptops

Dell’s New Linux Laptops

Dell’s XPS 13 Ubuntu edition is generally considered as the best, most high-end Linux pre-installed laptop you can buy. It is the world’s smallest 13.3-inch laptop that looks real premium. Having said that, it’s more of a portable machine than a production machine. It is clear from the design and marketing point of view that, Dell is targeting the general consumer with is XPS machines. What about developers and people who use their laptops for real work you may ask? There in comes the Dell mobile workstations.

Dell’s Precision range of laptops are mobile workstations that prioritizes usability over design. Meaning more ports, bigger battery, and generally bigger in size too.

Dell Precision 3530 Mobile Workstation, Developer Edition

Although Dell announced 4 different models, Dell Precision 3530 is the only one up for grabs as of last week. The price of the base model starts at around $1000. At the premium end, the spec sheet would look something like this.

  • 8th Gen Intel® Core™ and next-generation Xeon® processors
  • Memory speeds up to 2666MHz up to 32GB
  • PCIe storage capacity up to 2TB
  • NVIDIA Quadro® P600 professional graphics cards with 4GB of memory
  • Support for 4K video to an external monitor at 60fps via HDMI 2.0
  • Ports include HDMI 2.0, Thunderbolt and VGA
  • Ubuntu 16.04 LTS preinstalled
  • RHEL 7.5 certified (details below)
  • Available worldwide

As you may have noticed, when you choose Ubuntu instead of Windows 10 on the Dell website, there’s an instant reduction of $106.41 from the total price. Add to that the price savings on software that you don’t really need if you are on Linux.

The other laptops announced by Dell include developer editions (read Linux pre-installed) of Dell Precision 5530 Mobile Workstation, Dell Precision 7530 Mobile Workstation, and Dell Precision 7730 Mobile Workstation. Apart from Ubuntu, Dell also offer RHEL as an alternative. Read the full announcement from official sources for more information on Dell’s “Project Sputnik”.

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