ODROID-Go Super is an $80 portable gaming console that runs Ubuntu

Hardkernel is not a familiar name around here. They are a South Korean based company focused on manufacturing single-board computers for hobbyists and tinkerers. ODROID although loosely translates to ‘open Android’, the ODROID platform itself is not entirely open source and has many proprietary parts.


Ubuntu based portable gaming console

ODROID-Go Super is an $80 portable gaming console based on Ubuntu operating system, Ubuntu 20.04 to be precise.

Hardkernel introduced ODROID-Go game kit in 2018, and ODROID-Go Advance (OGA) in 2019. They were marketed as “not only a fun assembly project but also an educational tool to learn about all the hardware and software that goes into building such a device”.

ODROID-Go Super is the 2021 edition of ‘developers’ gaming gadget’ as they likes to  call it. It comes with an upgraded OGA hardware design, and hence the name. The LCD size changed from 3.5 inches to 5 inches with a tempered cover glass. The resolution changed from 480×320 to 854×480 pixels. The battery capacity has also increased by around 30%.

Hardkernel will start shipping ODROID-Go Super at the end of January, 2021. Price: $80

Read the announcement for more details.

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