Get the Proton Redesign Goodness for your Firefox in Ubuntu 21.04/20.10

firefox proton

Mozilla is experimenting with a brand new look and feel for its flagship product, Firefox ie. The redesign, dubbed ‘Proton’, is perhaps one the most comprehensive in a decade.

Proton Redesign Goodness!

Firefox is getting a full interface redesign! Tabs changed, menus changed, there’s a new Although the changes will officially role out only later this year, you can already check them out by installing Firefox Nightly, the bleeding-edge version of Firefox with daily updates.

firefox redesigned interface

As you can see in the screenshots, newly redesigned tabs with chunkier looks (that also packs in more information), new streamlined menu without the icons clutter, a NEW new tab page which is also highly customizable, a new redesigned notifications window and info bars window etc. are some of the important changes arriving in the Proton update.

Install Firefox Nightly to Enjoy the Proton Goodness

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-mozilla-daily/ppa
sudo apt update
sudo apt install firefox-trunk

No need to dabble in the about:configs to enable Proton UI, most of the important interface updates are already available in Firefox Nightly. How do you like the new look and feel of the new Firefox, let us know in the comments.

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  1. April 17, 2021

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